ITM – Are you ready?

One of the most challenging decisions for an executive is to decide what programs and projects to invest precious dollars.  Over the years there have been several solutions provided by vendors to help decide the right investment strategy.  However, there has been virtually no tools or techniques to help optimize spend or to determine if the spend amount is right for what is being delivered.  I know people are going to say we use the ROI as a metrics to make decisions.  What I am talking about goes a little deeper than that.  Could the ROI have been higher?  Is the cost of delivery optimal?  Could the project have been delivered 10% more efficiently?   I ask these questions because, lately, it seems like the complexity of systems have increased and the costs have gone up at a higher rate.  Why do I say that?  In order to discuss this; the technology space should be looked at as a whole instead of projects versus production support.

Let’s look at technology as 3 distinct activities for discussion purposes, namely; Governance & Planning, Execution & Delivery and Operations & Support.    Conventional wisdom states that if we spend time and effort in planning everything else should be easy.  However, after 20 years of focusing on planning and investing in planning tools, it has become very clear that the majority of organizations have an execution problem.   Execution is clearly the key as it impacts both of the other areas.  Sub optimal execution is the primary reason costs are going up.  This is critical since most organizations spend the most on execution activities.

TM Activities

Most organizations have invested in planning tools that provide execution support as an afterthought.  These tools have not provided an easy way to collaborate, communicate and manage execution.  If execution is where you spend most of your money, shouldn’t you be investing it processes and tools to improve execution.  Are you invested correctly?

Organizations are complex and need tools that

  • Enforce processes
  • Provide structure
  • Enable easier management
  • Provide mechanisms for all levels of staff to manage their deliverables and time
  • Enable 2 way communication

A lot of organizations have cobbled together a hodge-podge of tools for execution and another set of tools for support.  In this day and age, there needs to be a single integrated tool that is simple and easy to use that provides all of the functionality.

Here at SIMBYM we have recognized this need and have made available an Integrated Technology Management tool to help with execution and increase efficiency.

Our system offers a simple, integrated and flexible approach to enable efficient and effective process and project execution.  Users can collaborate in a single environment and share information on tasks, documents, risks, issues, defects etc.  Processes and projects can be configured without the need for custom programming.  Ownership of the process can be pre-configured for different aspects of the process while still having the flexibility to change. Process changes are automatically propagated downstream. Templates can be used for commonly used documents and attached to process tasks.  The staff sees all their project as well as support activities as well as the collaboration tools on the same screen making it easier to perform their job.

We invite you to look at our website at and let us know how we can help you improve execution.