Digital Transformation – Getting Started – Customer Value – Part 1  

The latest buzz is around Digital Transformation.  It looks like everyone is working in this area.  There are several articles around Digital Transformation.  Here at SIMBYM we made a commitment to help our customers in their digital journey a few years ago.

What is Digital Transformation or Digital Business?

There are varying definitions of this.  However, the most common one defines it as a way to enhance customer experience and provide more value to the customer using digital tools.  Most companies are putting their efforts into making this happen for the end consumer (customer) of their products or services.  Here at SIMBYM we extend that to include a more efficient customer experience to both internal and external customers.  This definition will help lift the experience and value provided to the end consumer.

I am going to focus more on PPM in this multi part series of articles, primarily because that is one of SIMBYM’s focus areas.  Having said that,  certainly other aspects of the business will also benefit from the concepts we are going to discuss.

Getting Started:

As enterprises get started on their digital journey, what are the important areas to focus on?  There is always those who say it starts with culture.  Here at SIMBYM we feel that digital transformation starts with figuring out

  1. Where are we?
  1. Where are we going?
  1. How do we get there?
  1. Who needs to be involved?
  1. How do we know we have arrived at the destination?

And a potential next item could be, How do we maintain this momentum and improve continuously?

Where are we?

This questions leads to the scope of the transformation.  Also, this may automatically start a cultural change.  Why do I say this?  Because when you start asking this question across the organization, people start to realize what their role is within the organization.

You may want everyone to answer the following questions.

  1. Who is my customer? (Most people in the company are going to have customers that are internal to your organization)
  1. What service(s) and/or Product(s) am I providing to my customer?
  1. When do these service(s) / product(s) need to be provided?
  1. Who do I depend on to start my work? In other words, whose customer am I?
  1. What is/are the process(es) that I follow to get my work done?
  1. What are the tools I need to get my work done?
  2. How am I (or management) measuring my performance parameters?  This should include progress, value, cost, quality, customer satisfaction etc.

Outcome from starting your journey:

Once the resources in the organization have answered the above questions, the following starts happening

  1. People now know their customer
  1. People understand what their expected performance should be.
  1. People start thinking about how to get these things done more easily.

If you just take this step and don’t  move forward, you still have a positive result to show.

In the next part we will discuss step 2 of the transformation.